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We are developers of musical mobile applications and games.

We create music products to make life of peoples brighter.

About MMT

We are music development company with 10+ years of industry experience. Our team is professionals of music business, promotion and development.

Advanced expertise in apps development, product management, and performance marketing as well as a data-driven approach with extensively powerful in-house analytics, creativity, and excellence in everything we do are fundamental parts of our goals.

Our Music Apps

We love music and we are happy to develop mobile applications for your entertainment.

MuzArt Beats
An interactive music application where you can become a real DJ of a larger scene, try it!
Music Creator

The application assumes various ways of creating musical compositions: like a drum pad - the user presses virtual buttons (“pads”), extracting the sounds he needs, like a groove pad (causing the sound of pre-prepared musical phrases), as well as various creative options that combine own controls and a drum pad and a groove pad.

Coming soon...
Lovely Tunes for Kids

Rearranging and combining animated characters on the playing field, the user creates a musical ensemble that performs a piece of music accompanied by visual animations. To constantly keep the child's attention, a variety of playing fields are provided, different sets of characters embodying a variety of musical styles and instruments - from organ music to rap.

Coming soon...
MuzArt 8Bit
Did you miss the good old 8 bits? Make them sound to your liking.
Coming soon...
our music studio

In our professional music studio, we create top quality content for our apps. Sound quality is very important to us, so we use the best hardware signal processors (like Bricasti M7, Eventide H8000FW, etc.) and the latest software (UAD, Fabfilter). We have a huge collection of hardware and software synthesizers from different eras, so we can realize any musical concept.

We create music apps
In our development, we use our proprietary DSP library “SonicDSP”, written in C++ and carefully optimized for mobile devices. Our technologies allows to implement complex and high-quality studio effects on a mobile platform without compromising the quality, previously only available on desktop systems. Our philosophy is clear: applications give the user maximum creativity with a simple and intuitive interface, leaving all the complexity of the algorithms transparent and invisible.
Our Core Team

Our team is deeply passionate about entertainment industry, mobile marketing and development technologies.

  • Ruslan Bozhok
    CEO/ Founder of MMT

    Ruslan is a founder of our company. He is the father of our main goals and values. He gathered the core members of our team and helped them to discover their potensial during the work process.

    He independently developed the MuzArt app from the concept to the development and publishing on the App Store.

    He has more than 10 years of experience in the development of multimedia, applications and games.

    Ruslan is professional musician and composer; member of ASCAP (The American Society of Composers).

  • Denis Arzhelik
    CMO of MMT

    Denis is our professional in the field of marketing and promotion of mobile applications. He has over 6 years of experience in marketing. Moreover, in his portfolio there are more than 20 applications that successfully occupy top places in the stores. He ran ad campaigns for over $4,500,000.

  • Alexey Ovsyannikov
    Advisor of MMT

    Alexey is a managing partner at FNMD, which is a consulting firm that provides advisory services in the areas of finance and project management.

    Alexey is also a CFO and a co-founder at roboSculptor, a company that specializes in designing and producing robotic complexes for non-invasive operations with the human body.

  • Stas Bondarenko
    Lead UI/UX Designer of MMT

    Stas has over 6 years of experience in UI/UX design. He has worked with major design agencies and has over 300 works in her portfolio.

  • Mikhail Fetisov

    Lead ASO Specialist of MMT

    Mikhail is our expert in ASO and SEO promotion. He has over 15 years of experience in various mobile verticals. And he also has his own automatic platform for ASO promotion.

  • Eduard Skorokhodov

    Composer, arranger of MMT

    He has over 30 years of experience in composing music for theatrical productions, films and videos, advertising, etc. Arranger with a large client audience.

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